Computer Upgrades for Your Business

Need an upgrade? We have been upgrading Computers, Laptops, Routers and other IT equipment for 23 years now.

Upgrade your IT

Obsolescence is a serious business risk.

Ageing hardware, software and other IT equipment creates many opportunities for cyber criminals.

Don't let your business fail as a victim of a cyber attack or data failure because of a percieved funding issue.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (Benjamin Franklin 1736)

New Hardware at Wholesale Prices

It's a better idea to buy your equipment from IT people who know business, rather than from those working in a store that sells microwaves.

We also offer procurement services for large businesses and schools.

Ex Lease Hardware

Modern computers and IT equipment on average has a shelf life of around 5-6 years before it becomes obsolescent.
Many businesses fund their equipment on a 2-3 year lease to stay ahead of this end-of-life and the security risks that poses. Hence the availabilty of ex-lease equipment on the market.

We buy ex lease equipment that is generally 1/2 way through its cycle and then refurbish it to sell on to budget conscious businesses.

Configuration Services

Configuring a new computer from out of the box can be an issue for the inexperienced user.  In our IT support role we find many configuration issues on machines that have been setup incorrectly.

We offer a "done-for-you" service that will conform to modern security standards. and ensure your equipment is update to the lastest firmware and operating system patches.


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